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Our NLP Hub is the place to go to discover Neurolinguistic Programming. Whether you are just starting out, an enthusiastic hobbyist, or a professional NLP Practitioner, we want to help you on your journey.

Below you will find the answers to questions like: "What is NLP?" and "Is NLP Hypnosis?"

By the way - if you don't already know this, NLP stands for "Neurolinguistic Programming". There - see, we're giving stuff away already!

Speaking of giving stuff away:

Free 5 Module NLP Core Skills Course

Learn the fundamental skills of NLP in this 5 part NLP Video Course.

NLP Core Skills

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There is a ton of stuff here, including how NLP and hypnosis work together, how you can use NLP within hypnosis and hypnotic techniques within NLP processes. Plus, lots of articles that take a deep dive into specific NLP topics, strategies, and techniques.

Curious about NLP and Submodalities? Here's a brief (3 minute) video introducing the subject.

(psst:  to watch the video, just click on Keith's face.  It's fun!)

What is NLP?

Below you will find access to information and free articles about NLP, but if you want to get right to a comprehensive discussion of what NLP is, and isn't, and how it influences the brain and behavior, here you go:

Learn NLP

Learn NLP

One thing some people wonder is whether you can actually learn NLP online. The short answer is "Yes", although you will have to find real live people with whom to practice.

You might have passed the link box above offering you a free NLP Core Skills course - and if you did, you're missing out. If you are just starting out and want to learn NLP, it's a great place to start.

Just in case you missed it:

NLP Techniques and Concepts

NLP Techniques

Take a closer look at some of the techniques employed when practicing NLP. When we're discussing NLP techniques, it's not the same thing as learning a specific NLP process.

When you learn the underlying principles and techniques of NLP, you can effectively mix and match - giving you unlimited flexibility in mastering NLP.

Interesting Articles About NLP Techniques