NLP’s dirty little secret is. . .


Most people who are interested in NLP & hypnosis want to learn more techniques. They focus on techniques, they read about techniques and they buy programs on how to do techniques. That’s great, but techniques are unlikely to be successful without the blueprint that provides the foundation for success.

The dirty little secret is that there are a lot of NLP practitioners and hypnotherapists running around out there with lots of chops but little effectiveness. Why? Because they don’t have an effective structure in which to place their skills. It’s like having all the tools to build a house–but no blueprint.

What is the blueprint–the belief systems and attitudes of the world’s most effective therapists?

Most of us in NLP & hypnosis have accepted the idea that what we think affects how we do. Our belief systems are particularly important in that regard. If you accept that idea it can take you down an interesting road…

…You might find yourself wondering what folks that are highly effective think and believe. After all, if you want to model the belief systems of someone, you should do it with folks that can do what you want to do.

That’s where the NLP presuppositions come in.

The NLP presuppositions are modeled on the beliefs and approaches of some of the world’s most effective therapists and leading thinkers: folks such as Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Gregory Bateson, Fritz Pearls and others.

In order to get the results they got, you’ll need to find out how they thought and what they believed. Well, that’s all taken care of for you in…

The Structure Of Success: The NLP Presuppositions

This audio is a guide to the world of attitudes and beliefs that can drive your effectiveness higher–with others and with yourself.

  • Discover how ‘the map is not the territory’ presup helps you pinpoint and resolve problem areas with laser accuracy.
  • How do we keep from getting stuck when we don’t ‘get’ someone’s initial communication? You’ll find out.
  • Learn a simple shift in perspective that makes your communications an order of magnitude more effective.
  • Find out what single factor is responsible for how much influence you have in any situation.
  • Quickly uncover the reasons people do “bad” things and how to help them stop.
  • Learn why not being “at cause” in a situation actually dis-empowers you–and how to get back in the driver’s seat.
  • Did you know that we don’t experience reality directly? Find out how we create our realities from what we perceive and how that can help us–or keep us where we are.
  • Learn why looking for solutions from the outside can keep us from moving forward.
  • Did you know one type of question can lead you down endless dead ends while another propels you straight to places where change is possible? Unearth the power of a simple question.

This program goes through each one of the presuppositions in depth and includes real-life examples of how they are used. That makes them easy to apply and is a simple way to drive your skill level with NLP & hypnosis higher.

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Keith Livingston
Keith Livingston is one of the world’s top trainers in personal change & development technologies. Author of over a dozen NLP & hypnosis training programs, he’s trained hundreds of hypnotists, hypnotherapists & NLP Master Practitioners. Keith is a former President of the Washington State Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy and is certified as an NLP trainer by the International NLP Federation. He also has certifications as a specialist in pain control, weight control, smoking cessation, and painless childbirth.