Guarantee & Returns

For Online Courses:

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all online programs that require a password to access, minus a 5% restocking fee. Please note that there are no refunds for downloadable content. Please see “For Downloadable Products” for more information.

If you think the online program you ordered doesn’t deliver, you can return it and get a refund within 14 days (minus 5%).

Here’s How:

Use the Contact Us asking for a refund within 14 days of purchase, or reply to your email receipt. Please use the same email address you used when you ordered or include your order number.

Your access to your online program will be rescinded, and your purchase refunded within 2 business days of your request.

For Downloadable Products:

Once a downloadable course has been downloaded, there is no way for me  to protect myself against fraud. So, there are no refunds or returns for downloadable products. If you’re unsure about buying a program, look at my blog for related articles for the quality of the content, or contact us for any pre-purchase questions.

Combating Fraud

Over recent years we’ve seen an upsurge in fraudulent orders. many people take advantage of merchant’s return policies. They order with the idea that they’re going to use the program and ask for a refund. In addition the credit card processing companies no longer refund merchant fees we pay for processing orders. In short, every refund costs a small merchant money.

Guarantee on Certification Programs

Our 14 day refund policy applies to ALL online programs. Certification programs have one more element to consider, and that is the certification itself. If you buy one of our certification programs and use it to get certified with a professional organization, you can not return the course for a refund (duh) at any time, even if you somehow manage to do it within 14 days. If you attempt to return the course after becoming certified, we will contact the certification organization and suggest you be dismissed for unethical behavior.

Restocking Fee

You may not know this, but businesses that offer digital content still have fees associated with refunds. That’s why we have a restocking fee – to cover at least some of the fees associated with returns. It’s a small amount, but i think it will deter most fraudsters and serial refunders.


Keith Livingston
President: Advancing Ideas LLC