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This is the first module in the free "NLP Core Skills" course, and lasts about 15 minutes.

What Is NLP?

I get that question a lot.

For my answer, I’ve put together a compact video for you. (We'll get to that in just a moment, and you might need to scroll down a bit.)

The video is called: "What Is NLP?”  and in it, we'll tackle some of the toughest questions…

  • Is NLP a collection of techniques?
  • Is it the study of excellence?
  • Is it the study of subjective experience?
  • Is it pseudo-scientific hogwash?
  • Is NLP is a technology?
  • Is it a religion? A cult? Is it magic?
  • Is NLP new or original?
  • Is NLP validated by science?
  • What are some of the key differences between NLP and other approaches?

And most importantly (I think):

What can we do with NLP?

Here’s the video…once you have watched the video, be sure to finish the lesson below.

I hope you enjoyed that video, and that it got you all revved up to learn even more about NLP.

As you can tell, the answers to questions about NLP can be a little bit complex. This video is intended to help you think about NLP with a solid foundation of both the "yays" and the "nays". 

I don't want to just sell you on NLP. It's important to examine the criticism that NLP gets, and to address those critiques with an open mind. NLP is not magic, AND there is a really solid foundation for why it is a legitimate and effective tool for change, in part because it is based on the study of the most effective methods to achieve goals and change our way of thinking.

To finish up with this module, please answer the question below. And be sure to look at the "Additional Relevant Content" section to get additional information.

Is NLP all about the WHY, or the HOW?
Definitely WHY!
NLP is all about the HOW!
Thanks for answering that question. Now, do you have any questions about what you just learned? Feel free to ask - we will answer, and it might help us improve this course or know what new content to create.
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