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Are Past-Life Regressions Real? Let’s Find Out!

I recently had the chance to video 3 past life regression sessions. It was part of an experiment to see whether any of the information from the regressions could be corroborated. I’m not finished with the analysis but here’s a chance to add your input to the experiment.

When you do past life regressions, ask your clients these questions, get this information from them and record their answers (with permission). I’d like to hear what they say…

Information To Get

  • What year is it?
  • How old are you?
  • What is the place that you live called?
  • What is your full name?
  • What are the names of your parents, siblings, neighbors, children, other relatives?
  • Who is your local leader?
  • What are the names of other leaders you know?
  • Do you practice a religion? If so, what is i called?
  • Where do you worship?
  • Who is head of your local place of worship, if any?
  • What famous people have you heard of?
  • What famous historical events are you aware of?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you eat?
  • What do you wear?
  • Where do your clothes come from?
  • What are the names of people you know?
  • If you can hear the words of people around you, please repeat those words in the language you hear them.
  • Do you have any money? If so, please describe what it looks like, in detail.
  • Do you use any tools? If so, please describe them in detail.

Ask any other questions that you can think of that will help you determine whether or not a past life regression agrees with what we know historically. Of course, not all of the questions will be appropriate for all sessions.

Why Get This Information?

I believe we have a responsibility to examine what we do to make sure we’re doing the best we can for our clients. If we examine past life regressions and find they don’t reflect any sort of historical reality, I think we have an obligation to tell our clients that. If we find they do have validity, then we should be able to tell them that, as well.

Who To Believe

Call me suspicious but personally, I don’t place much credence in people that have skin in the game. Some people have books to sell. They have a vested interest.

Most of the people in the field of hypnosis have made their minds up one way or another. Very few people have taken a look at both sides of the story. The people I’ve talked to that do past life regressions mostly believe that PLR has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt as a real thing. Most of the people I’ve met that don’t believe scoff at the idea and have a hard time thinking anyone would take it seriously.

I’ve read reincarnation books and anti-reincarnation books. I’ve watched past life regression sessions. I’ve had well-known people in the field ask these questions of their clients. Hopefully, I’ll has the results for you soon.

What do you do when opinions are so polarized? You use your brain and find out for yourself, of course. That’s why I decided to take a look myself. In the meantime…

I’d Be Interested In Knowing…

Now I’m interested in your input. I’m interested in knowing what you find. I’m particularly interested in video of sessions where people are supposedly re-living past lives and their answers to these questions. We’ll gather information and see if we can confirm or deny it.

Some Precautions And A Format

If you’re going to share information about a session, please get written permission from your client.

Here’s the format I suggest…

  1. Record audio and/or video of a session.
  2. Ask the questions during the course of a session.
  3. Review the recording and write down any fact that could possibly be confirmed or denied via research.
  4. Send copies of the written and recorded material to me, I can have someone do the research for us.

As an example, in one of the sessions I just recorded, the client mentioned windows in the streets of Paris during a particular time period. I had her describe the windows, as well as money she had, in detail. We should be able to research and find out what kind of windows and money were available in Paris during that time period.


About The Author:

Keith Livingston is the main instructor for Hypnosis 101. Keith has been studying hypnosis since he was a boy and doing hypnosis & NLP training since 1997.

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  1. Thanks for continuing to look critically at this area of hypnosis. I have read several books on the subject and frankly as far as I am concerned, the jury is still out. A couple of hypnotists I know of have had quite a number of PLR sessions and state that none of the information they gathered was verifiable. How much effort was put into the research? I don’t know.

    I do believe there is more to this subject than has been uncovered and find it very interesting. Having experienced several moments myself of recognition of places I have never been has always had me wondering about the “what if.” I will forward any information I gather from PLR’ sessions I do to you and maybe the answer can become a little more clear. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Yes, without any doubt this is interesting work. And here comes the but,
    even with fact verification you will still not know objectively what you will be looking at. Quantum theory points to the idea that all cells share complete memory of the whole body. Further it theorizes that we also on one level share all the thoughts that have ever been thought.
    So hypnosis might just be a method of getting the resistance to drop, to get beyond that wall of beliefs and disbeliefs and to become allowers.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy your adventure.

    1. RJ,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I’ll agree with you that we won’t prove anything conclusively. However, the idea that cells share the complete memory of the whole body is irrelevant here unless you’re saying that physical cells go from one life to the next. And even if we all share all the thoughts that have ever been thought, that’s a long way from memories being organized in such as way as to pass coherent memories from one incarnation to the next — if such a thing as an incarnation exists.

  3. To me it really doesn’t matter one way or another-as it relates to helping clients. If they have created the past life in their mind to allow us the chance to work through their issues or if it really existed and we use it to help them that’s fantastic. Academically it would be nearly impossible to seperate out a ‘real’ past life vs. Someone that read a lot about that time and imagined it using that info. That being said I have read case studies and every so often you get one that comes up that just makes the hairs on your neck stand up as to how accuratly detailed it is. I heard of one where the client was sure she was a sister to a total stranger and when notes were compared he lost his sister who was about 25 and this young girl knew where the sister had worked, where she had died and many more things that there would have been no way to know… But… That’s a story I read about as a detailed case… I could not say, to my satisfaction, if it was legitimate or not.

  4. TY Keith,
    The reason I briefly mentioned the cellular memory was because it is a model ala ¨As above so below¨ style or a micro-macro possibility. If cells can be in touch with memories then it can also follow that humans as entities can also have access to them and likely more.
    I sincerely envy you and your journey. Amazing discoveries are happening so quickly one has a hard time keeping up with the technology and the sciences. Still I would rather see hypnosis being used instead of pharmacology when possible and I believe that much more can be accomplished in your chosen field at least in the near future.
    I would also hold up your questions and answers to the mirror provided by the Abraham-Hicks material. It is a great orientation tool.

    1. RJ,
      Thanks for your comments. I too believe that there are many, many practical uses for hypnosis that are under-utilized. As a brief example, I personally know two people who needed heart surgery but, according to doctors, chemical anesthesia would be too dangerous for them in their weakened condition. To my knowledge, no doctor or any other medical person connected with the patients ever mentioned hypnosis as an alternative anesthesia. What a shame!

      And that’s part of what this exploration is about for me. Where should we focus our attention as an industry? There are new people coming in all the time. I know I have some influence with my blog and the programs I put out. How do I use what little influence I have for the betterment of the world?

      In order to answer that question for myself, I’ve got to do a little digging and thinking about what makes sense and what doesn’t.


  5. From a therapeutic viewpoint:
    I stopped caring whether they are real or not. I’m open to both.
    What matters to me is whether the client is able to benefit from working with the experience.
    Whether the experience is “real”, or “conjured up”, it’s still essentially a metaphor since “the map is not the territory”. And whatever metaphor the client comes up with is what they need to use to heal.
    That metaphor can have a past context, or for that matter a present or even future context (future life “regressions” happen too).

    When clients ask me for my opinion, I (usually) tell them it’s what they believe that matters.

    From a personal viewpoint:
    My opinion is changing all the time. 🙂
    It’s interesting that in some group regressions two people have come up with identical memories. Yet another possibility is that we somehow tune into and identify with some other soul’s past life and think it’s our own.

    Fun stuff!
    Thanks, Keith!

    1. Philip,
      From a therapeutic viewpoint, I agree. The main point is to help someone get what they want out of a session. Usually, that’s better accomplished by working within a client’s belief system — or more accurately, only challenging the parts of their belief systems that are getting in the way of accomplishing their goals.

      But on a broader scale, I have begun to think about hypnosis and NLP in a different way. Let’s suppose there’s a blue pill a person could take to cure some dreadful disease. Through experimentation we figure out that it was some ingredient in the blue dye that has the curative power and not the active ingredient in the drug. Wouldn’t we want to know that? Wouldn’t we want to take out the unnecessary ingredient and get rid of its potential side effects? Wouldn’t we just want to use what actually helps us and drop the rest?

      That’s how I think about hypnosis and NLP. Let’s figure out what works and why.

  6. Keith,

    ¨ How do I use what little influence I have for the betterment of the world? ¨

    First off your assumption or belief (?) that you have little influence
    is incorrect, therapeutically speaking. lol.

    The degree to which you can work your way up your emotional scale and the amount of time you can stay there will be the measure of inspiration you will receive regarding any questions you may have on any subject. Passion is by the way quite high on that scale and of course more passion is higher yet. Therefore there is no limit to your potential and any belief to the contrary does not serve you.

    Life is an emotional journey. A person who is connected to the source of inspiration is thousands of times more powerful than anyone who is not and that is an understatement. You can do it and furthermore there is a part of you which knows that to be absolutely true. When doubt pops its ugly head in there and it will, thank it for the heads up and laugh it off.

      1. Mr Keith Living stone i humbly request you to my query regarding forecasting of events through hypnosis trance as mentioned above in my comments . kapil dev suri INDI
        A .

        1. Kapil,
          It would be easy to verify if hypnosis could be used to predict the future. We should have thousands of cases where people have accurately done so. All anyone would have to do is put a camera in a room (with a few people around to verify), hypnotize someone and have them tell what’s going to happen. Where are those thousands of instances of proof?
          Any hypnotist would instantly become world famous if they were able to do so. There is a tremendous motivation to show that this is possible. Why instead, is it always unverifiable?



  8. Hi Keith
    I am new here and I am fully aware that this conversation is well out of date. I would like to know what your findings were with regards to PLR. I have done lots of research into this matter myself and I find the variables most fascinating.
    Love your work

  9. Hello Keith,

    When a client visits me and asks for a past life regression only out of curiosity and validate if reincarnation is real, then I am a bit skeptic on that. This is because most people focus on finding who they were in a past life, they want names, dates, etc. Let’s say that they get all this information, then what? The point of past life regression is healing emotional trauma because this is the main reason why so many people are stuck in repetitive cycles. By solely focusing on the informative part, the real meaning of past life regression is lost.

    Thank you for this great article, it gives some food for thought. Keep it up with the wonderful work!


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