Instant Inductions -- With Competence, Skill & Command


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Roger Harris CH. Indianapolis, IN

Hi Keith, I enjoyed watching your instant induction videos. I’ve seen many videos and demonstrations of various instant and rapid inductions before but your breakdown of what is happening, when and why you do something is the missing ingredient I’ve been looking for in understand and putting it all together. I do health fairs and other public venues to generate business for my practice, I will be sure to include instant inductions, wowing people and building my confidence at the same time.

Bill Greene

As always, this is the highest quality, clearest hypnosis instruction on the web. Nothing else compares (and I've seen a lot).

Kevin Hensey

Very impressed with the program. Your Instant inductions program is unique that it teaches you step by step in induction. Easy to follow.

Paul Hill

I recently bought your instant inductions and I must say I think it is fantastic. I have purchased many different types but yours is explained in the most simple and basic ways to understand. Thank you very much.

Step-By-Step Instructions, Exercises To Build Your Skill, Video Demonstrations...

  • We break instant inductions down, so that you understand all the pieces.
  • We give you exercises, so you can practice all the components, piece-by-piece.
  • You’ll discover how to create your own inductions.
  • We’ll reveal the best, most time-tested instant inductions that work over and over.
  • You’ll see multiple examples of instant inductions.


Instant Inductions: With Competence, Skill & Command

Instant Inductions

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