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Inductions Mastery

Amazing Inductions, Ericksonian Inductions, & Instant Inductions

Watch the video below to see  exactly how 'Inductions Mastery' catapults your skill with inductions to the next level:

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I just wanted to thank you so much for producing such a wonderful video. I’ve never seen the ambiguous touch explained so well… All of the explanations were very clear and make the techniques obtainable… I hope you come out with more great products like this one in the future.

~Tony W.

What You Get In The Inductions Mastery Course

The best inductions courses rolled into one -- and at a discount.

You get...

Amazing Inductions

Gain confidence and competence with some of the greatest inductions of all time...

Discover the "handshake interrupt", Milton erickson's "ambiguous touch" induction,  the scecrets behind Derren Brown's "Russian scam" induction, a combined shock and confusions induction, and the hypnosculpture ambush induction.

Discover the closely guarded secrets of amazing inductions and how you can perform awesome, jaw dropping inductions that amaze people — any place, anytime, for practically anyone!

Ericksonian Inductions

Milton Erickson's Groundbreaking Induction Techniques Simplified

Discover approaches Milton Erickson used to effectively hypnotize many of the toughest clients, practically every time.

These beautiful and elegant techniques allow you to utilize the client's own model of the world, so you can hypnotize more easily and with more confidence.

Instant Inductions - With competence, skill, & command

We break instant inductions down so that you understand all the pieces. 

Get exercises, so you can practice all the components, piece-by-piece. Discover how to create your own inductions.

We’ll reveal the best, most time-tested instant inductions that work over and over. You’ll see multiple examples of instant inductions.

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What Customers Are Saying:

Very impressed with the program. Your 'Instant Inductions' program is unique that it teaches you step by step in induction.

Kevin Hensey

As always, this is the highest quality, clearest hypnosis instruction on the web. Nothing else compares (and I've seen a lot).

Bill Green

I’ve seen many videos and demonstrations of various instant and rapid inductions before, but your breakdown of what is happening, when and why you do something is the missing ingredient I’ve been looking for in understand and putting it all together.

Roger Harris CH.,  Indianapolis, IN