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Instant Trance – Post Hypnotic Re-Induction Cues

Instant Trance – Post Hypnotic Re-Induction Cues

A post-hypnotic re-induction cue is simply a post-hypnotic suggestion to enter trance at a later time at some pre-arranged signal.

Easy, right?

This can save you from having to go through a lengthier induction process. A post-hypnotic re-induction may be what is happening when you see a stage hypnotist snap his fingers or say a word and have his subjects immediately go into trance.

The subjects were first hypnotized and then given the cue. After that time they respond to the cue. An example would be “And when I look you directly in the eyes and snap my fingers like this (snap fingers) you’ll instantaneously go to this level of trance or deeper.”

You may want to combine this with fractionation. Here’s how I do it in my office (the client is already in trance.)

“Good, now you’ve achieved a wonderful level of relaxation and I’d like to make sure that we can have this relaxation available to us any time we want it. That way we can get the maximum amount of good done in the time we have available. From now on in my office, any time I say the phrase ‘blue rose’, instantaneously go to this level of trance or deeper. ‘Blue rose’ takes you deeper. In a moment I’m going to say that phrase again – just feel how wonderfully you relax when I say it… ‘Blue rose’… that’s right… even deeper.

Good, in a moment I’m going to count from one to three, when I reach the number three allow your eyes to become open. Then I’ll say the phrase ‘blue rose’ again… that’s right. When I do, close your eyes and go to this level of relaxation or deeper. One… two… three – open your eyes – ‘blue rose’. That’s right… even deeper.

In a moment I’m going to count from one to five. When I reach the number five be oriented to this room, this time, this place feeling alert and refreshed and wonderful in every way. Then I’ll say the phrase ‘blue rose’ again (they should go deeper because you just said it!)  When I do, close your eyes and instantaneously go to a deep, deep level of relaxation.

1 – feeling good 2 – re-orienting more to this room, time and place 3 – in a moment your muscles will begin to stir 4 – on the next number open your eyes and feel great 5 – open you eyes and feel great.

‘Blue rose.’ That’s right… Each time you hear the phrase ‘blue rose’ you’ll go more powerfully into hypnosis, more deeply into hypnosis.”

That’s all there is to it. You induce trance and deliver the suggestion just like you deliver any other suggestion. I like to reinforce it a few times. Bringing the subject out of trance a bit and then rehearsing the cue gives the client a better feeling for what re-experiencing instantaneous trance is like.

So how do you use this technique for self-hypnosis? There are several different ways. You can hypnotize yourself and then simply suggest that the next time you lift your index finger, drop it and mentally say “blue rose” to yourself you’ll instantly go to a deep level of trance. If you have a friend or colleague you can have them hypnotize you and then suggest that the next time you perform that procedure you will quickly go into a deep trance.

As you can see, I like to make it a two-step process. You could easily inadvertently think about the phrase “blue rose.” If you add another step to the cue it prevents you from accidentally triggering trance.

That’s it for this Hypnosis Tip. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Keith Livingston

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