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What is One Quick Way to Hypnotize

What is One Quick Way to Hypnotize

I’m often asked how to hypnotize people. I mean, obviously – I teach people how to hypnotize other people.

Folks seem to think that there is some special combination of words or some secret way of standing or using the “hypnotic stare.” The truth is that in most cases, all you need to do is have a willing subject who understands what you want them to do. In order to demonstrate how much this is true, here’s an induction I call “The Simplest Induction Ever” (The Positive Reinforcement Technique).

The Positive Reinforcement Induction Technique

This technique is very easy; here are the steps.

  1. Explain the signs of trance that are easily produced (like the face relaxing).
  2.  Ask your subject/client to produce them (you begin to produce them at the same time).
  3. Each time your client/subject produces one of the signs of trance, positively reinforce (say “good” or something equally positive).

In this technique you simply explain the signs of trance, and ask them to produce as many of them as they can. With each sign of trance that you notice, simply say “good” or “that’s right” or “wonderful” or “excellent.”

Perform this technique seated opposite your subject or at a slight angle to them. Have them start with their eyes open if they wish. If they start with eyes open ask them to develop a “ten mile stare,” that is to focus far off into the distance. Have the same posture that they have and start by breathing at the same rate they do if you can see it.

“OK, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to explain some things that lead toward hypnosis and I’ll ask you to do them and then after a bit we’ll come back to our usual state of mind. This will give you a taste of what hypnosis is like and if you like it later we’ll go deeper – OK? (Client responds ‘OK’)

In trance your breathing can slow down, your facial muscles can go loose and limp (demonstrate), in fact all your muscles can relax and you can become very still. Can you do those things? (Client responds ‘yes’)

Start with your eyes open, when they feel like they want to close go ahead and let them close. You may experience a lack of desire to move because you’re so comfortable. OK? Are you ready? (Wait for an affirmative response). Begin.”

After you say “Begin,” your job is to produce, in yourself, as many of the signs of trance as possible [with your eyes open]. This has the tendency to help them into trance faster. As you see the signs of trance simply say “Good” etc. (Shoulders begin to slump) “Good” (Breathing slows down) “That’s right” (Face relaxes) “Wonderful” (Continue for 5 -7 minutes and then count them out).

Ask them about their experience. Then mention that each time they practice this relaxation it happens more quickly and deeply. If you like, explain a few more signs of trance each time.)

“So, what was that like for you? (wait for response) You did very well. Learning to do this is a skill, it gets faster and deeper each time. Some people report that it takes a little bit of effort to swallow because the throat is so relaxed and that the arms can grow comfortably heavy. Ready to do it again?”

You’ll find that after 2 or 3 repetitions of this simple technique you’ll have a good level of trance.

That’s it for this Hypnosis Tip.

Enjoy your trance experience…

Keith Livingston

About The Author:

Keith Livingston is the main instructor for Hypnosis 101. Keith has been studying hypnosis since he was a boy and doing hypnosis & NLP training since 1997.

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