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NLP, Hypnosis & Financial Abundance: Part II

NLP, Hypnosis & Financial Abundance: Part II

Financial AbundanceIn NLP, Hypnosis & Financial Abundance: Part I, we covered how to uncover beliefs about money that might be getting in the way of us making more of it. What do you do with those beliefs once you find them? Read on…

Changing Beliefs

Beliefs change what we perceive and our behaviors. The short version is, if we believe making money is difficult or impossible, we are less likely to notice opportunities that will help us make money or take actions that will help us financially.

Here’s an example from another context. Let’s suppose someone has a belief that they can’t lose weight through exercising because they’re genetically disposed to be heavy-set. That’s likely going to lessen any motivation thy have to take an exercise class, isn’t it? And they might not even see the coupon for 1/2 off the local exercise class because their brain discards it as irrelevant information. Beliefs drive what we perceive and how we act.

So, if we’ve got beliefs about money that are holding us back financially, we might want to change them!

Get The Unhelpful Belief & What You’d Like To Believe

Get your list of unhelpful beliefs from Part I. Now, list what you’d like to believe–the opposite of those beliefs.

An Example & An Ecology Check

It’s common for folks to believe that if you make money, that means you’ve “sold out” in some way. If you’re wealthy it must mean you’ve stepped on some people on the way up or lost your integrity. The belief might be stated as, “I can’t make money because that will mean I’ve lost my integrity.”

Flip that around to something like, “I can make money and maintain my integrity” or “Having more money makes it easier for me to be a better person.” Whatever appeals to you most.

Note that there’s another way you could flip this belief around…

“It’s OK to step on people on the way up.” That belief would likely bring up ecology issues. So, you might want to spend a little time imagining yourself incorporating the belief and the resulting behavioral changes to see if they fit with your moral and ethical standards. If it doesn’t, keep working until you come up with a belief that you’d like to have.

What Do You Do With These New Beliefs?

Beliefs are just thoughts we are used to having that have a certain feeling attached to them. They are a lot more changeable than most people assume. There are multiple ways to change the old beliefs into the new beliefs we want to have. Here are a few off the top of my head…

  1. Take your new belief statements and use them as affirmations.
  2. Take your new belief statements and use them as suggestions during self-hypnosis.
  3. Use the belief change process here.

The Process: Big Picture

  1. Uncover your limiting beliefs.
  2. Come up with the opposite of those beliefs–those are going to be your new, more empowering beliefs.
  3. Turn those new statements into beliefs with affirmations, self-hypnosis or a belief change process.

Free Video Course: NLP & Hypnosis For Financial Abundance

If you’d like more detail on this process or if you’d like to be led through it more thoroughly, I’ve got a free video course for you. Sign up here…

NLP & Hypnosis For Financial Abundance


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Keith Livingston is the main instructor for Hypnosis 101. Keith has been studying hypnosis since he was a boy and doing hypnosis & NLP training since 1997.

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