Master metaphors by creating your own story.

Develop Mastery with Metaphor

Develop Mastery with MetaphorSo, how do you develop mastery with Metaphor?

There are a couple of great ways to do so.
I offer a free, 7-part Email Mini-Course on Metaphor

What is a Metaphor?
How Metaphors are Hypnosis
When to Use Metaphor
How to Construct Metaphors
A Real Life Metaphor Story – and the Results
Building Effective Metaphors (Parallel Realities)
To get it, visit our Free Metaphor Email Course page and sign up there.

See the earlier 3 sections of this article…

The Stock Market, Balloons, Southern Charm and Metaphor
Balloons and Other Wisdom
Southern Expressions as Metaphor

So, why am I making this valuable information available for free? Honestly – it’s because I want to sell you something. I’ve got a product called “The Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advanced Metaphor: Parallel Realities, Nested Loops, Multiple Embedded Metaphors, Chaining Anchors, Representational System Shifts, Submodalities, Blurring Realities and more…”

I figure the best way to convince you that you need it is to give a lot of it away to you. If you find it valuable I hope you’ll get the course.

The Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advanced Metaphor is two dynamic CDs (83 minutes and 7 seconds) full of powerful information. Recorded live at an NLP Master Practitioner training, folks paid thousands to hear this material. But you’ll get more metaphor instruction and information than they did! You’ll get additional studio recorded material, PLUS a condensed, laser-focused 33 page workbook of theories, explanations, diagrams and exercises. It’s the most concise, useful and practical collection of metaphor information on the planet!

To learn more before you invest, go here…

The Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advanced Metaphor

Or, you can just sign up for the email course. There’s plenty of good, solid information there.

Keith Livingston

About The Author:

Keith Livingston is the main instructor for Hypnosis 101. Keith has been studying hypnosis since he was a boy and doing hypnosis & NLP training since 1997.

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