Hypnosis and health

Hypnosis in the News: 05/07/05 – Hypnosis for health related issues, including allergies

Hypnosis and healthIt’s interesting to look at the first two articles about self-hypnosis for allergies. The first study probably shows a significant lack of understanding of hypnosis by the researchers. In order to attempt to alleviate allergies, subjects imagined a safe place for themselves such as a nice walk in the woods, a snowfield or a beach. Not a very effective approach for allergies.

In spite of the rather amateurish techniques used in the first study, a positive effect was shown. The second study had more dramatic effects.

Self-hypnosis may help hay fever sufferers…
Hypnosis facilitates the production of immune cells, called T-cells. Volunteers in the study reported a reduction in symptoms such as a runny noses. Fewer doses of rescue medication were needed and self-hypnosis improved nasal airflow.

Hay fever may be cured by self-hypnosis

The web page about this study has been removed, but here’s the gist…

Two year double blind study shows increased nasal air flow – even with exposure to allergens.

Patients who had learned self-hypnosis had significant improvements in both the first and second years. Hypnosis improved nasal airflow, even under the exposure to allergens.

Mind-body medicine uses the power of the mind to influence physical health…

Over 6,000 cancer patients dealing with disease- and treatment-related symptoms showed positive results when using relaxation, hypnosis and supportive group therapy. These mind-body therapies improved mood, quality of life and coping skills.

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