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An intake form is where you gather the initial client information including contact info and what it is they want to work on.

For instance, among other things, I like to ask if they wear contacts so they can take them out if they cause discomfort when the eyes are closed for long periods of time.

About some of the other material in the forms:

  • “How did you find out about us” helps you track your marketing efforts.
  • “What would you like to accomplish” gets the client thinking in a goal-oriented manner. 
  • The “other situations you’d like to resolve/improve,” is so I can make clients aware of other things I might be able to help them with.In addition, when I check in later on the client’s progress, I can ask if they’d like to book sessions related to the issues they check.
  • “Have you been hypnotized before” allows me to get information on if a client has had a previous pleasant or unpleasant experience with hypnosis. If pleasant, find out what the previous hypnotist did and do something similar. If unpleasant, do something different.
  • The last section is designed to uncover possible scope of practice issues and help you to know when you need to ask for a referral.

Download: Intake Form–PDF

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Download: Intake Form-DOC

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Here's an example of a different approach to an intake form:

Download: Intake Form II–PDF

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Download: Intake Form II-DOC

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Start A Practice: In The Beginning 7 Lessons

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Start A Practice Video Introduction

If you want to start a hypnosis practice you can try to figure it all out on your own, or you can get a road map. Grab your map–23 short, targeted videos to help you get your practice going; get forms, a profit calculator, paperwork and checklists.

Getting Started

Take action!

Get To Know Yourself

Do you know what you want to do with your business?  These might help.

Well-forming Your Ideal Practice

Videos on topics related to focusing on what you want in your practice.

Defining Your Ideal Client

Video about defining your ideal client.


Should you specialize?


Getting Down To Business 14 Lessons

Show Me The Money

The stuff you need.

Work And Money

Video about work and money.

Work And Money Part II

More on work and money.

Domain Name

What will you name the domain for your website?

Qualities For Success

Do you have what it takes?

Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion

How will your next client find you?

Legal Requirements

Video about legal requirements of having a hypnosis or NLP practice.

Setting Up Your Practice

What do you need to know when setting up your practice?

Naming Your Practice

What's in a name?

Choice of Entity

What will your business be?

Business Finances

Money, money, money... MONEY!


Should you have insurance?

Office Space

How to find and choose office space


Paperwork 6 Lessons


A necessary evil.

Session Notes

Session notes guidelines

Intake Forms

Sample intake forms to get you started

Ethics, Rights, and Confidentiality and Disclosure

The ethical practice of hypnosis in therapy is extremely important to us, so we have provided a Code of Ethics for you to use and share.

Profit Calculator

Link to profit calculator spreadsheet.


What's Next? 1 Lesson

Beyond Starting a Practice

But wait, there's more!